Diabetes Thoughts: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are my most often asked questions. Feel free to email me if you have a question that isn't covered below.

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Question: I will be traveling soon and will need to bring diabetic supplies. What type of information will I need to pass airplane security?

The ADA has posted the most recent rules on their website. Make sure you have the pre-printed prescription labels on all your vials of insulin. If you will be traveling internationally, contact your air carrier.

Question: I am trying to test my blood glucose level, but can't seem to get a good size drop of blood. Any suggestions?

There are lots of things that you can do:

Question: Is there a easy formula to convert HbA1c to BG and vice versa?

Blood Sugar in mg/dl units
HbA1c = ((Blood Sugar - 60) / 30) + 4
Blood Sugar = ((HbA1c - 4) x 30) + 60

If you want a simple chart, try the Lifescan site.

Question: How do I convert mg/dl blood glucose readings to mmol/L?

(mg/dl reading)/18 = mmol/L reading
mmol/L reading x 18 = mg/dl reading
Lifescan has a handy form that can convert from one measurement to the other here.


CDC's FAQ page on Diabetes

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