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Diabetes Thoughts: Holiday Nutrition

Here I have collection various information on nutrition information and suggestions for diabetics on the holidays.


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Here is some easter candy nutrient data that I have collected.

Nutrient Info

Serving Size Calories Fat Sodium Carbohyd Protein
Peeps 5 Peeps (42g) 160 0g 15mg 40g 1g
Cadbury mini caramel eggs 3 pieces (34g) 170 9g 40mg 21g 2g
Cadbury Creme Egg 1 egg (39g) 170 6g 25mg 28g 2g
Peter Pan Peanut Butter Filled eggs 1 egg (34g) 190 12g 55mg 17g 4g



Here is some halloween candy nutrient data that I have collected. Unless otherwise indicated, all items are "fun" or "snack" size.

Nutrient Info

Serving Size Calories Fat Sodium Carbohyd Protein
ReeseSticks 2 pieces (34g) 190 11g 105mg 19g 3g
Rice Krispy Treat 4 pieces (44g) 180 4g 200mg 36g 1g
Reeses® Peanut Butter Cups 1 pieces (17g) 90 5g 60mg 10g 2g
Nerds® 1 box (13g) 50 0 0mg 12g 0g
Bottle Caps® 2 packages (15g) 60 0g 0mg 13g 0g
Gobstoppers® & Fruit Runts® 1 box (14g) 50 0 0mg 13g 0g
Laffy Taffy® 5 bars (43g) 160 2g 55mg 36g 0g
Shocktarts® 1 package (13g) 50 0 0mg 11g 0g
Chewy Runts® 1 package (14g) 50 .5g 0mg 11g 0g
Brach's® Indian Corn 26 pieces (39g) 140 0 115mg 35g 0g
Spree 8 packs (16g) 60 0 0mg 14g 0g
Sweetarts 1 pouch (14g) 50 0 0mg 12g 0g
Tangy Taffy 11 pieces (40g) 160 3 20mg 33g 0g
Bit-O-Honey 6 pieces (40g) 160 3 105mg 33g 1g
Reese's NutRageous 2 bars (34g) 190 11g 50mg 18g 4g
Snickers 2 bars(40g) 190 10g 100mg 24g 3g
Gummy Body Parts (Frankford Candy) 5 pieces (40g) 140 0g 0mg 32g 3g
Hershey's Cookies and Cream Grave Stones 3 pieces(42g) 210 11g 105mg 26g 3g
Reeses Fastbreak 2 bars (38g) 180 9g 135mg 24g 3g
Reeses Pieces 2 pouches (40g) 190 9g 80mg 24g 5g
Runts® 1 package (18g) 70 0g 0mg 16g 0g
Reeses Peanut Butter Pumpkin 1 package (34g) 180 11g 150mg 18g 4g



Carbohydrate Choices for Thanksgiving

Each of the following food portions equal a carbohydrate choice:

1/3 cup sweet potato
1/4 cup sweet potato casserole with marshmallows
1/2 cup mashed potato
1/3 cup stuffing
1/3 cup rice
1/2 cup peas
1/2 cup winter squash
1 cup prepared gravy
2 Tablespoons cranberry sauce (canned)
1 small roll (1 ounce or 2 inches in diameter) 
1 biscuit (2 1/2 inches in diameter)
1 oz chestnuts, roasted
1/16th 9 inch pumpkin pie (1/8th pie is 2 carb choices)
1/30th 9 inch pecan pie (1/6th pie is 5 carb choices)
1/24th 9 inch fruit pie (1/8th pie is 3 carb choices)
4 oz pomegranate
0.7 oz or 2-3 dates
4 oz mandarin orange, peeled
4 oz tangerine, peeled



Here are the few Christmas/Hanukkah foods that I could find.

Nutrient Info

Serving Size Calories Fat Sodium Carbohyd Protein
Spangler Standard Candy Canes 1 piece (.50 oz) 55 0 g 0 mg 14g 0g
Beaners Chocolate Coins 1 piece 31 2g 6 mg 4g 0g


Valentine's Day

Here are the few Valentine's day foods that I could find. (I didn't list Reeses cups and fun sized M&M's in this section. That information is in the Halloween section.)

Nutrient Info

Serving Size Calories Fat Sodium Carbohyd Protein
Reese's Peanut Butter Heart 1 piece (34 g) 180 11 g 150 mg 18g 4g
Snickers Cream Hearts 1 piece (28g) 140 6g 60 mg 18g 2g
Necco Sweethearts 1 box (28 g) (approx 32 hearts) 110 0 g 0 mg 28g 0g
Russell Stover Assorted Chocolates 2 pieces (34g) 150 6g 45 mg 23g 1g


This page, as well as all other pages on, is written by me and are Copyright 2000-2010, by Lisa Patacchiola.

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