It’s been a while since I posted here. I’m going to take the next few weeks to update and fix everything on this site.

Let me know if there is anything that you would like me to add to the pages. This is the perfect time!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. It has been much harder lately.

dealing with food

I am not sure about anyone else, but I know that I have issues with eating healthy. I am dealing with many last minute schedule changes which leave me running to a fast food restaurant so I can manage to eat.

So… my new attempt to fix this is meal prep. I am a huge fan of the damndelicious website. This website has recipes that even my super picky daughter was happy with (for lunches this week, the Korean beef bowl and the steak cobb salad. )

Note: if you are looking for a super low carb recipe, don’t bother with the Korean beef bowl. It has both sugar and rice. (At my count (which could be wrong), it was approx. 29 carbs per meal. Fine for me, but not for everyone.)

This is the Steak Cobb salad. My items didn’t seem to fit as nicely as the website photo, but it did look pretty close

This is the Korean beef bowl. At the time, all I had were these containers which are not the prettiest. But, the containers did fit everything. Next time I make this recipe I am planning on less rice and more spinach.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in my schedule to make as many lunches as I would like. (Daughter and husband want meals too, which leaves me only 2-3 days of lunches for myself.) I am making sure that the days that I have food with me are the days where my schedule seems to be a bit out of control.

I’ll let you guys know how well this experiment goes…


Have you had any luck?

I was hoping to have a great post about all the relatives I found in the 1940s census. Sadly, that is not the case. Not because they weren’t there — completely different issue. I couldn’t get to them.

The archives.gov site just would download my enumeration districts. Ancestry.com still hasn’t uploaded any of my states. Sigh… I was looking forward to seeing the images today.

Cool tool for the 1940s census

I just found a tool that can help with the 1940s census. As you probably know, the 1940s census will be coming out on April 2nd. They will be indexed by enumeration district, but not by name. It will be a while before it will be indexed by name.
If you are like me, you do not want to wait. Stephen Morse has made a cool tool that can help with that: http://stevemorse.org/census/unified.html
All you need to do is list the state, town and street address. From that it can give a (or a few) enumeration district. Yay!

my day

My day was filled with updating websites (not this one), grading, putting together lectures, online lecturing, which is nothing new. I am doing a bit more than usual, so my day was super packed. I did make sure I took 15 minutes for myself – sipped some nice gingerbread black tea and relaxed.

Then I picked up my daughter and had some extra work, because she isn’t doing work at school like she should. I tried to explain that if she did the work, they would give her stuff that is more challenging, but it doesn’t seem to sink in. Blah. So, we spent the rest of the time going over multiplication (which is not her thing), MCAS practice, (which does seem to be her thing), and finishing all the work she should have done at school.

Then, off to the Girl Scout cookie cupboard to pick up many cases of cookies. I had a great mom come to help me, but I still seemed to hurt my back, ouch. Then back home, to deal with laundry and supper. Later, I have more grading…

In there I am supposed to shove counting carbs, paying attention to my blood sugar… Lately, I just don’t want to. I feel a bit like my daughter who doesn’t want to do work at school. I want to act childish, stomp my foot (which is even too childish for my daughter), and exclaim, “I don’t feel like doing that!” So there! 😛


no time for diabetes

You ever feel like you have no time for diabetes? I know I have lately. I had to go to work, but then realized I had to change my insulin set. Bam, five minutes later than I planned. Then, my sensor runs out, and I couldn’t time things well so I could be able to test my blood sugar in around two hours. I want to be able to run around and not have to shove that snack down my throat between students. But, if I don’t quickly eat that snack, I might pass out. I guess I am just tired of dealing with this…yet again.

Animas gets warning letter from the FDA

It looks like on December 27, 2011, Animas was sent a warning letter from the FDA. It complained that Animas didn’t report within 30 days an event of a device failure that led to the death or serious injury of a patient. It also complained that the OneTouch Ping and 2020 insulin pumps were still being sold, even though a few failed. Scary.


We had a nice day today. My daughter and I worked together to get everything in the crockpot for supper. She even took the trash out with very little prompting. So, I decided as a treat we could make a cake together.Watching her try to break eggs was very amusing. Her first couple of attempts looked more like she was squishing the eggs than cracking them. We were originally going to put the sugar free frosting on it. But, then I noticed that the Betty Crocker sugar-free frosting had maltitol. Sugar alcohols and me don’t mix very well.  Instead we frosted the cake with dark chocolate (fully sugared) frosting. I wish I could say that I watched my family eat their slices of cake and happily sipped my tea. Nope, not me. We all sang the unbirthday song, and then I had a slice too. My insulin guess was off by a bit, but I got it better by supper time.

Photo credit: darrenhester from morguefile.com