Water boil order

Last week the Boston area had to deal with a boil water order.  One of the pipes that brought all the water to the area broke, so they rerouted some water from an open air reservoir.  Good for flushing, but no good for food. (It would be like making food with pond water.)

This caused a rush on spring water from all the local supermarkets. It also caused all the local restaurants to stop serving coffee and fountain drinks. Everyone in the area was affected in one way or the other.

But, I was struck with the various ways that people with diabetes would be affected. The first thing was that I had nothing in the house to drink. I don’t drink pure water, I drink tea or crystal light, but both were made with water. I always try to drink things with little or no carbs, mostly so I can eat more. But, since there wasn’t much water to be found anywhere, I didn’t feel it was fair to my family to use up all the water on myself.

Next was bathing/hand washing. The water was supposed to be safe, but not safe if you had any cuts. I figured the holes in my fingers from glucose testing would be considered cuts. Blah!

The boil order is over, so I don’t have to worry about it any more. But I wonder if other people have to deal with this every day…