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It is near the beginning of the year, so my daughter and I have gone shopping to pick out new journals for the year. We both like to start the year fresh, and one way to do that is to get a fresh journal with nothing in it yet. It seems full of possibilities.

I started my daughter working on journals to help with her handwriting. But, soon she grew to love it. Now, instead of writing about her day, her journal is more about her story ideas. Her current story is about three girls who all have gem powers.

Here is some ideas on how to get your child journaling:


Here are some great journals that you can pick up:

“Alice and Snow White” Notebook by strangeling
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I just love the picture on this notebook. It is just such a cool rendition of Snow White and Alice in Wonderland.

All About Me: A Keepsake Journal for Kids

This book has lots of prompts and questions to help kids figure what they want to write.
Whimsical Elephant Notebook notebook
Whimsical Elephant Notebook by EveStock
This notebook can be modified to have a different name on it.
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