Thoughts about Mark Twain’s quote

Yesterday I posted a quote from Mark Twain which joked that if you want to be healthy you have to do things that you don’t want to do. Although I found it funny, it did make me think. We diabetics have to follow that more than other people.

Everyone needs to exercise , but it is a bit more crucial for diabetics to keep their weight down. Everyone should be careful about what they eat, but diabetics need to practice portion control or feel ill. And for the drink what you don’t want… I remember loving drinking juice. I thought it was so much healthier than drinking soda. But juice has a ton of carbs, so I tend to stay away from juice. What do I drink instead — water. Yes, water is also good for you, but I can’t say good things about the flavor. I do buy crystal light and mio, but there is only so much sucralose that I like to ingest.

I guess I am in a “diabetes stinks” mood today.