So that’s why the math was so hard

I’m a girl scout leader, and it is girl scout cookie time. Me and my co-leader were going through the cookie orders and putting them in the order database. For some reason, the math was getting pretty hard for me. And, I kept on forgetting which person’s order I had entered. (Luckily I have my great co-leader to catch all the things that I was not keeping track of.) We finished so I packed up all my order forms and walked home. As soon as I stepped into the door, my hands started to shake – my usual first symptom of a low blood sugar. My CGM said that I was at 100, but I decided to check with my glucometer anyway — it was at 60.

So, after a little bit of food, I started feeling a lot better. My hands stopped shaking, and the clouds from my brain lifted. At first I thought the low was from the walk, but the cloud lifting from my brain told me otherwise – I must have been low even earlier than that. I guess I wasn’t just tired…it was a low blood sugar. My CGM must have needed calibration. Blah.

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