dealing with food

I am not sure about anyone else, but I know that I have issues with eating healthy. I am dealing with many last minute schedule changes which leave me running to a fast food restaurant so I can manage to eat.

So… my new attempt to fix this is meal prep. I am a huge fan of the damndelicious website. This website has recipes that even my super picky daughter was happy with (for lunches this week, the Korean beef bowl and the steak cobb salad. )

Note: if you are looking for a super low carb recipe, don’t bother with the Korean beef bowl. It has both sugar and rice. (At my count (which could be wrong), it was approx. 29 carbs per meal. Fine for me, but not for everyone.)

This is the Steak Cobb salad. My items didn’t seem to fit as nicely as the website photo, but it did look pretty close

This is the Korean beef bowl. At the time, all I had were these containers which are not the prettiest. But, the containers did fit everything. Next time I make this recipe I am planning on less rice and more spinach.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in my schedule to make as many lunches as I would like. (Daughter and husband want meals too, which leaves me only 2-3 days of lunches for myself.) I am making sure that the days that I have food with me are the days where my schedule seems to be a bit out of control.

I’ll let you guys know how well this experiment goes…