Dust Clouds

Note to self — When blowing compressed air into the roomba, wear some type of mask. The cloud of dust that came out made me sneeze, and keep sneezing…it has been an hour. Yikes.

What do you guys do?


I try to have lots of different kinds of gadgets, so it was just a matter of time before I got a Roomba.
Honestly, I didn’t expect a lot. I thought it could do some cleaning, but I figured deep cleaning would be out of the question. I was pleasantly surprised. It managed to pick up all the hair on all the carpets that I have put it on. Also, it is cleaning in all the places my vacuum couldn’t reach, like under my bed, under the tub, and under the couch. Yay for robots!

Of course, this is reducing my exercise. Cleaning the house was part of my exercise everyday. But…I have to say…I don’t feel too guilty about this one. 🙂