Snow Emergency

The various different weathermen are saying it is going to snow in this area, again….  They were talking about getting kits ready for weather emergencies. Of course I started to think about kits needed for diabetes. We with diabetes need a bit more in our kit than the general public. Here are a few things that I would put in my diabetes weather emergency kit:

  1. Batteries (for pump and meter)
  2. Syringes (in case the pump breaks)
  3. extra vials of insulin
  4. Frio or similar items that can keep the insulin cool
  5. can of coke (for low blood sugar)
  6. glucose tabs
  7. glucagon kit
  8. extra pump supplies
  9. extra meter supplies
  10. extra meter
  11. Bottles of water

What would you put in your kit?

Helpful links:
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