Summer is almost here

The semester is almost over. I just gave my second to last final today, and the last one will be on Wednesday. I’m trying to come with a list of what I want to do with my time off.

Now, I know I will be fixing up my shed and garage. Not only will that help my home, but it will also big good exercise. But, what else will I do?

1. Add more items to my t-shirt store. It has been a little while, and I do have quite a few new ideas.

2. Start a book/ photo project with my daughter. I’ll tell you more about it when we start.

3. Do a C# project. I haven’t done C# for a while, and I am starting to get rusty.

What is on your summer list?


Fruit and Vegetables in crates and boxes.

Fruit and Vegetables in crates and boxes. (from

One way I tried to improve my diet/lifestyle (that actually worked) was to join a CSA.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A person gives a a farm a certain amount of money which allows them to buy a share of the farm. Everyone who has a share gets a certain amount of vegetables during the growing season. Usually buying a share also means pledging to do a certain amount of farm work.

My share last year helped in a couple of ways. The variety of vegetables added more lower carb options to my diet.  I got some vegetables I would never have thought to buy when I was at the store. Since I already had them, I looked into interesting recipes. But, the CSA even had more. My CSA (like a lot of others) had a weekly newsletter that had interesting recipes. And, I had to work at the farm for a certain number of hours. So, a certain amount of outside exercise was something that I had to do.

If you are interested in signing up for a CSA near you, start looking into it very soon. My CSA sent me an email about sign-ups already. Quite a few CSAs sell all their shares by early February.

Looking for more information?

Here is a list of some Massachusetts CSAs:

Here is a list of local farms and CSAs near Marlborough MA: 

Massachusetts list of CSAs:

Looking for a CSA in another state in the USA:

Heading back to the gym

A set of free weightsI started going to the gym (again) today. I joined the gym last month, and was going pretty regularly. But, as always, something got in the way. It was a small schedule change. The time that I usually went to the gym was busy because my daughter was going to camp.

Now, most people would go at a different time. But not me…because I couldn’t go at the time I liked, I didn’t go at all.

I don’t think I was actively trying to avoid the gym. It is a pretty nice place. I think I don’t react well to my schedule being switched.

Does anyone else do that, or am I just strange?