Diet Soda

As I mentioned many times before, I drink diet soda. It is an easy, tasty way to drink something with no carbs. Lately, I have been told the strangest thing – they told me that drinking diet soda could give me diabetes. I told them it was too late.

But, thinking about what they said, I thought that it was a bit strange. I have heard that non-diet soda causes diabetes. One reasoning is that all that sugar has to cause diabetes. (That isn’t true.) Another reasoning is that drinking a lot of soda can cause obesity, which can cause type 2 diabetes. (this is true). But, diet soda? It doesn’t have calories or sugar… how can it cause problems?

Well, nothing has been proven exactly why, but a study in Diabetes Care (February 2009) showed a connection between drinking more diet soda and higher chance of diabetes. Some people think that it has to do with the diet of those who have soda. (Yes, they are having diet soda, but the rest of the diet is full of fat.) Others think that the sweetness of the sweetener might trigger something so people are more hungry.

Since there doesn’t seem to be anyone who knows the real answer, I’m going to ignore this article for now. It didn’t seem to go deep enough into why it happened. There needs to be a lot more research done before anyone can say for sure that soda can or can’t cause a problem.

Just for the record, I didn’t drink diet soda until my diabetes diagnosis, so it had nothing to do with my type 1 diabetes. And that, I can prove. ūüôā

Doctor Who

Everyone that knows me knows that Doctor Who has been one of my favorites for years. It appeals to my geekiness.

Doctor Who tends to stay away from talking about diseases, and instead has things like alien threats. That is why I was surprised to hear a mention about diabetes in the latest episode “Vampires of Venice”.

It was only a small mention. The Doctor took the place of the stripper that was supposed to be in the cake for Rory’s¬†bachelor party. He said she is a nice girl, and diabetic.

Small mention, but a mention none the less.

Law and Order: SVU


A recent episode of Law and Order: SVU had a character that had diabetes — Confession. I wouldn’t suggest the episode to anyone that doesn’t normally watch SVU because this episode was particularly disturbing. Without giving much away, there was a character played by Tom Noonan. Almost immediately after introducing the character he tested his blood sugar. So, you know that his diabetes status would come up later.

When the detectives find some blood later, the medical examiner decided to test the blood’s HbA1c because the hemoglobin was so high. They then claimed that it was because of diabetes.

Um… someone with diabetes doesn’t normally have high hemoglobin levels. True, the HbA1c would be high, but that isn’t because of a high amount of hemoglobin. It would have been better that they mentioned a high blood sugar. (Extra points, they could have mentioned his ketone level.)

In Plain Sight

Dave Foley as Horst Vanderhoff in Has anyone been watching the television show “In plain sight”? The show is about a woman US Marshal who protects people in witness protection. I haven’t been overly impressed, but there really isn’t much on lately.

Anyway, this week she had to play a character played by Dave Foley. The character was a Type 1 diabetic and asthmatic. I prepared myself for either invalid information or the usual insulin shock storyline. I was pleasantly surprised. They had him check his blood sugar with normal numbers. (around 126 and 109). And he never went into insulin shock! Yay! It’s nice to see someone play a diabetic who isn’t constantly falling over and needing help.