my day

My day was filled with updating websites (not this one), grading, putting together lectures, online lecturing, which is nothing new. I am doing a bit more than usual, so my day was super packed. I did make sure I took 15 minutes for myself – sipped some nice gingerbread black tea and relaxed.

Then I picked up my daughter and had some extra work, because she isn’t doing work at school like she should. I tried to explain that if she did the work, they would give her stuff that is more challenging, but it doesn’t seem to sink in. Blah. So, we spent the rest of the time going over multiplication (which is not her thing), MCAS practice, (which does seem to be her thing), and finishing all the work she should have done at school.

Then, off to the Girl Scout cookie cupboard to pick up many cases of cookies. I had a great mom come to help me, but I still seemed to hurt my back, ouch. Then back home, to deal with laundry and supper. Later, I have more grading…

In there I am supposed to shove counting carbs, paying attention to my blood sugar… Lately, I just don’t want to. I feel a bit like my daughter who doesn’t want to do work at school. I want to act childish, stomp my foot (which is even too childish for my daughter), and exclaim, “I don’t feel like doing that!” So there! 😛