I am constantly looking for easier ways to manage all the information that I have to constantly track. Here are a few programs that I found. (If you have made any software, or know of better programs/apps feel free to comment and I will add it.)

All these programs had the features when I checked, but software changes all the time. Make sure you research on the products website before you buy.

Last updated 5/7/2017

For the PC

Product Developer Top Features Price
ACCU-CHEK 360o Diabetes Management System Accu-check The ACCU-CHEK 360° system automatically detects your ACCU-CHEK blood glucose meter or insulin pump and downloads data with a click. $34.99, includes cable
Bg Tracker Jim Berry Tracks blood sugar, insulin, food. Has lots of tracking/graphing options. Free! It works well for 32 bit systems, but you need to do special modifications to get it to work in a 64 bit system
SiDiary – Diabetes-Management Software SINOVO Diabetes management software for PocketPC, Mobile Phones & Windows. Helps you to track your blood glucose levels, carbs and insulin, among other things and generates graphs and statistics as feedback. For use with type I/II & pumpers. Version 6.0 is free with ads.
ezManager Max Animas Corporation. Compatible with Mac and PC (But not with Windows 7) platforms. Download pump and blood glucose meter data. Create or personalize food databases for your insulin delivery systems. Pre-loaded food databases and the Master Food Database are based on nutritional content from CalorieKing unknown
Diabetes Pilot Digital Altitudes Tracks
glucose, carbohydrates, insulin, and contains an integrated food
Free Trial Available, $34.99 for Windows version. There is also an iPhone version – $14.99


Product Developer Top Features Price
CareLink Medtronic MiniMed Download your Paradigm 515/715 or 522/722 insulin pump data or any pump made ore recent than those, as well as the Paradigm Link Glucose monitor and many 3rd party BG meters. It also allows you to add items in like carbohydrates. Strangely, it does NOT allow you to type in your BG readings. Only data from meters are accepted. Free
SiDiary Online SINOVO All the features of SiDiary, now available online Currently free, but might change at anytime.


I don’t have an iPhone, so not sure how good these are.

Product Developer Top Features Price
One touch reveal Lifescan It connects wirelessly with the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter on iOS and Android devices Free
DiabetesLog Distal Free
Diabetes Companion dLife Track BG and has database of recipes w/ nutritional info Free
WaveSense Agamatrix Tracks BG, carbs and insulin doses free
BGlumom Anatoly Butko Tracks and charts BG readings $1.99


This is an updated page from my original Diabetes Thoughts Software page.

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