Diet V8 Splash and diabetes – Follow-up

Just a few weeks ago,  I mentioned how Diet V8 Splash® agreed to donate $10 for every person who joined the StopDiabetes movement, up to $50,000. That’s $50,000 for research, education and advocacy efforts.

In just 5 days, the goal was reached.  Thanks to any of you who responded!

And thanks to Diet V8 Splash, who gave the whole $50,000 donation to the movement. Yay!

Diet V8 Splash and diabetes

Diet V8 Splash® will donate $10 for every person who joins the Stop Diabetes movement, up to $50,000.

This money will go to support crucial diabetes research. It will fund educational outreach to both young and old. And it will continue the fight so nobody’s rights are denied because they have diabetes.

I signed up, why don’t you?

Go here to help:

Please Join Me as a JDRF Advocate

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Hi Guys,

As you know by reading my blog, diabetes has had a profound effect on my life and those of my friends, family and loved ones. As you may know, type 1 (juvenile) diabetes is a devastating disease, and while insulin does keep people with type 1 diabetes alive, it’s NOT a cure. That’s why I’m committed to fighting for a cure through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) advocacy program. Please join me in this effort to make a cure for type 1 diabetes a reality.

JDRF’s success is built on a close-knit group of Advocates determined to tell their stories of living with type 1 to their Members of Congress. Through telling these stories and building lasting relationships with Members, our group of Advocates have been lauded by Time Magazine as “one of the nation’s most forceful disease advocacy groups.”  

Although great strides have been made over the past few years to increase federal support for juvenile diabetes research, more needs to be done and we need your help!  

By becoming a JDRF Advocate, you will truly be making a difference in advancing a cure for diabetes.  

Please click here to visit my JDRF advocacy page where you can learn more and sign-up to join JDRF’s network of Advocates.        

I sincerely appreciate your support,        


Join JDRF’s advocacy network today!