We had a nice day today. My daughter and I worked together to get everything in the crockpot for supper. She even took the trash out with very little prompting. So, I decided as a treat we could make a cake together.Watching her try to break eggs was very amusing. Her first couple of attempts looked more like she was squishing the eggs than cracking them. We were originally going to put the sugar free frosting on it. But, then I noticed that the Betty Crocker sugar-free frosting had maltitol. Sugar alcohols and me don’t mix very well.  Instead we frosted the cake with dark chocolate (fully sugared) frosting. I wish I could say that I watched my family eat their slices of cake and happily sipped my tea. Nope, not me. We all sang the unbirthday song, and then I had a slice too. My insulin guess was off by a bit, but I got it better by supper time.

Photo credit: darrenhester from morguefile.com