Carbs and Christmas and Hanukkah

I just wrote about healthy food, so I guess it is time for me to write about unhealthy food — Sweets! I seem to be surrounded by sweets during the holidays. Even though I am diabetic, I think it is ok to have a few sweets, as long as I know the carbs and add insulin appropriately.

It is always hard to figure out carbs for candies — especially when it is in a stocking, or given as a gift.

Here are the few Christmas/Hanukkah foods that I could find.

Nutrient Info

Serving Size Calories Fat Sodium Carbohyd Protein
Spangler Standard Candy Canes 1 piece (.50 oz) 55 0 g 0 mg 14g 0g
Beaners Chocolate Coins 1 piece 31 2g 6 mg 4g 0g
Milk Chocolate 1 oz 152 8.4 g 22 mg 16.2 g  2.2g

Here is some info that I found at Insulinpumpers. The first section is Halloween, but the bottom is Christmas/Hanukkah.


name size carbs
fudge with nuts 1 oz piece 20 carbs
gelt 1 oz. chocolate coin 18 carbs
peppermint candy 1 candy or small candy cane 5-8 carbs
sugar cookie 3 inch 15 carbs
sugar free Trident for kids 1 piece 1 carb

Most standard sized candy canes are 14-16 carbs.

What sweets do you eat during the Holidays?

leftover Halloween candy

How are people doing after Halloween? Me…not so good. We only had around 10 kids show up on Halloween so we have (no exageration) a punch bowl full of candy left. And, I have to admit, I can’t stop nibbling on the darn things…

How are you guys doing? Are you dealing with Halloween and diabetes better than me? Any tips?