24 hours w/ diabetes

Recently I read a post at the “Angry type 2 diabetic” about how the Mary Greeley Medical Center, in Ames, Iowa, had medical professionals live like a diabetic for 24 hours. It reminded me of my nurse practitioner from years ago.

She was taking a course at Joslin about diabetes treatment. Each medical professional had to act like a diabetic with a particular treatment plan. I forget what type of treatment plan she chose. The thing was, she only kept to the treatment plan for a few hours. She said that she “got the idea” after that. I was thinking “Oh no you didn’t.”

We have to continue to stab our fingers and test our blood. We have to count carbs and give ourselves insulin. We have to do that EVERYDAY. There is no vacations, there is no break, there is no “getting the idea”. This darn disease doesn’t stop.

And she wouldn’t even try to do it for more than a few hours. Sigh.