leftover Halloween candy

How are people doing after Halloween? Me…not so good. We only had around 10 kids show up on Halloween so we have (no exageration) a punch bowl full of candy left. And, I have to admit, I can’t stop nibbling on the darn things…

How are you guys doing? Are you dealing with Halloween and diabetes better than me? Any tips?


I’ve been ghosted!

A ghost that is saying \"Boo\"
So I had two things happen to me today that made me smile. First, a person I work with told me that they thought I was a student. Let’s just say that I am quite a bit older than my students. That made my day.

Then, when I came home I noticed a Halloween bag on my doorknob. There was candy and some stickers, pencils and other Halloween treats. Along with all this was a picture of a ghost and a letter. The letter explained that I was hit by the Halloween Phantom. I now need to make two more treat bags and give them to my neighbors. I have to put the ghost on my door so everyone knows that we were already ghosted. My daughter thought this was the coolest thing ever. We will be putting together the treat bags soon and “ghosting” two other unsuspecting souls… The whole thing is a very fun idea. I have never heard of it before….

So, all and all a good day. 🙂