Carbs and Christmas and Hanukkah

I just wrote about healthy food, so I guess it is time for me to write about unhealthy food — Sweets! I seem to be surrounded by sweets during the holidays. Even though I am diabetic, I think it is ok to have a few sweets, as long as I know the carbs and add insulin appropriately.

It is always hard to figure out carbs for candies — especially when it is in a stocking, or given as a gift.

Here are the few Christmas/Hanukkah foods that I could find.

Nutrient Info

Serving Size Calories Fat Sodium Carbohyd Protein
Spangler Standard Candy Canes 1 piece (.50 oz) 55 0 g 0 mg 14g 0g
Beaners Chocolate Coins 1 piece 31 2g 6 mg 4g 0g
Milk Chocolate 1 oz 152 8.4 g 22 mg 16.2 g  2.2g

Here is some info that I found at Insulinpumpers. The first section is Halloween, but the bottom is Christmas/Hanukkah.


name size carbs
fudge with nuts 1 oz piece 20 carbs
gelt 1 oz. chocolate coin 18 carbs
peppermint candy 1 candy or small candy cane 5-8 carbs
sugar cookie 3 inch 15 carbs
sugar free Trident for kids 1 piece 1 carb

Most standard sized candy canes are 14-16 carbs.

What sweets do you eat during the Holidays?