Law and Order: SVU


A recent episode of Law and Order: SVU had a character that had diabetes — Confession. I wouldn’t suggest the episode to anyone that doesn’t normally watch SVU because this episode was particularly disturbing. Without giving much away, there was a character played by Tom Noonan. Almost immediately after introducing the character he tested his blood sugar. So, you know that his diabetes status would come up later.

When the detectives find some blood later, the medical examiner decided to test the blood’s HbA1c because the hemoglobin was so high. They then claimed that it was because of diabetes.

Um… someone with diabetes doesn’t normally have high hemoglobin levels. True, the HbA1c would be high, but that isn’t because of a high amount of hemoglobin. It would have been better that they mentioned a high blood sugar. (Extra points, they could have mentioned his ketone level.)