Allergies and Friendlys

First of all, I want to say that the waitress at Friendlys was very informed, and did tell me the correct information. Thank you SO much for ketting me know. I just wanted people to know who are counting on the info on the website.

The Allergen page on the Friendlys website is wrong. I should have realized, since the “clamboat” didn’t have an x in the “shellfish” section. Friendlys has clams in their menu that they do fry. That oil is the same oil that they use for the fries and the chicken. So, if you are allergic to clams, (enough so if they use the same cooking oil you can get sick,) don’t order anything that is fried there.

And a note to Friendlys — Clams are also shellfish, not just shrimp. Unless…are you saying there are no actual clams in the Clam Boat?