Software, part 2

A sad faceI’ve been using the OneTouch Software. It is pretty easy to use, but it has one frustrating thing…every once in a while it is looking for a .msi file. I think, for some reason, it is trying to install something. My guess is that it has something to do with sound, because it is looking for a particular sound .msi file. But, that file isn’t on my hard drive, so every few minutes it looks for it again. I didn’t remember the software before, but I do now… I remember the last time I had OneTouch it did the same darn thing. And I was just as annoyed with it. In fact, I am pretty sure this is why I stopped using it years ago. Sigh, it has been years since I used¬†OneTouch…you would figure it would be fixed by now.

Does anyone else have the same problem with this software? Did you manage to fix it?

One Touch Software

One Touch software CD and the USB cableThe OneTouch software finally arrived in the mail. I used InTouch a while ago, but I couldn’t remember if I used OneTouch. If I did, it was on the computer that died.

It was pretty easy to install and my numbers were downloaded around 15 minutes later.

But, do you know what I noticed after I saw the ugly report page — red…lots of red, and quite a few yellows. For those who don’t have the software, that shows highs and hypos. It seems my diabetic control is much worse than I thought…Ugh.

I guess it proves that I need to stay on top of my numbers more. Sigh…