Strand Theater

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to wander around an old theater — The Strand Theater in Dorchester, MA.

The Strand is a great old theater. It has great full length mirrors in the front lobby. There is an area in the back that has an old fashioned dressing room with the mirrors with light bulbs surrounding it. The carpets seem to be new, and all the seats that I saw were in good condition.

It does have a few problems. The ceiling above the mezzanine, near the stage, is peeling a lot. If you go to the balcony and look at the stage you will notice some areas above the balconies need some work.  The floors themselves seem to need a new coat of paint. But, over all, for a theater that is been around since 1918, it is in great shape.

I was in the theater because my daughter is in Jose Mateo’s Nutcracker (see if you are interested in tickets). All the children were there on Tuesday for a blocking rehearsal. I’m surprised that the children could concentrate with the stage lights changing, tech people moving around, and the fire alarm being tested. But they were all super, and kept on rehearsing without a misstep.

The company will be performing the Nutcracker on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tickets range in price from $15-$50. Come for the great ballet, and take a glance at a great old theater — now all decked out in nutcracker and Christmas garb.